Award-winning children's book:
Give, Save, Spend With the Three Little Pigs

The Big Bad Wolf is back, and he’s blowing down houses in the forest, one by one. The Three Little Pigs hatch a plan to help other animals weather the Wolf ’s mighty lungs. They start a building company, offering strong homes built of brick, just like theirs. Demand is high for the brick homes the Pigs build, and their business becomes a success. Now they need to figure out what they should do with their hard-earned profits.

One pig wants to spend the money, another wants to give it away, and the third wants to save it. Based on the give-save-spend concept, this sequel to the classic fairy tale teaches kids a safe and practical approach to managing money. Schools don’t teach basic finance, and most books about money are too confusing for younger children. An entertaining first step in any child’s financial education, Give, Save, Spend with the Three Little Pigs is easy to read and understand.

Spanish version now available!
Paren'ts Guide to Teaching Kids About Money:
Beyond the Piggy Bank

The basics of parenting take up so much time and energy that teaching children about money often falls by the wayside. But in a world where financial illiteracy has become a crisis, and where many kids remain financially dependent well into adulthood, giving your children a financial education is more important then ever.

In Beyond the Piggy Bank, Clint Greenleaf—entrepreneur, CEO, CPA, and father of three—reveals what he learned in a survey of all the best literature and resources on children and money. He realized that there’s no “right” way to teach children about finances; instead, he decided to build a framework—a checklist of the important areas to cover, from allowances and earning money to saving and banking, that every parent can to tailor their own situations and values.

After encouraging parents to explore their own financial values and level of financial literacy, Greenleaf begins a chapter-by-chapter exploration of the framework, delivering further reading and resources along the way. By the book’s end, you’ll feel ready to make the most important investment you’ll ever make: the time and effort you put into your child’s financial education.

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