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Clint Greenleaf began his business career working as a staff accountant at Deloitte and Touche and earning his CPA.  After writing his own book, he started Greenleaf Book Group where he used non-traditional publishing methods to grow Greenleaf Book Group into one of the industry’s leading independent book publishers and distributors.  Clint sold Greenleaf Book Group in 2011, and stayed with the company as CEO and Chairman until 2014, when he became the Co-Founder and CEO of Moonshot Brands, which created HomePlate Peanut Butter™, a baseball-themed peanut butter served in every major league clubhouse.  HomePlate sold in 2019 and Clint started Content Capital, a new publishing company focused on sharing content in new ways.

As a business leader, Clint discovered that even though all companies deal with money, very few employees were provided the knowledge of basic financial principles in their own lives.  Having a passion for financial responsibility, Clint learned that he could improve his bottom line by imparting a fundamental level of financial knowledge in his employees. He held brown bag lunches and gave presentations on both company finances and personal finances, and saw firsthand how this information improved the culture of the company and his profits.

When Clint became a father, he wanted to impart the same financial education to his children.  His two most recent books focus on building financial literacy within children.  Award-winning Give, Save, Spend With The Three Little Pigs is a children’s book based on the give-save-spend concept.  It’s a sequel to the classic fairy tale that teaches kids a safe and practical approach to managing money. Beyond the Piggybank is a parents’ guide that sets forth a customizable roadmap for teaching financial wisdom to your children. The two books work hand in hand to further a goal Clint is passionate about:  inspiring and building the next generation to be financially literate, competent and ultimately successful stewards of their money.

Clint speaks to various audiences throughout the world about the benefits of instilling financial literacy in people of all ages. Clint helps companies bring financial education into their organizations to help grow the bottom line, and his clients walk away with an understanding of how financial education of all employees can help advance a company. He works with families, home offices and financial advisors to create a framework for building financial competency in children so they grow up to be responsible adults, capable of managing their own money. Clint’s audiences learn the value of imparting financial knowledge to others and improving their own understanding about money, and they gain practical tools to be able to put that into action in their own lives and organizations.

Clint is a regular guest on Fox Business Network, and his articles have appeared in publications such as American Express OPEN,, CNN Money, and The Huffington Post. Clint sits on several Boards of Directors including DRG and Greenleaf Growth and Income Fund. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Fox, Fox Business News, CNBC, CNN, MSBNC, Money Magazine, Men’s Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others. Clint is actively involved in business organizations in his community and across the world.  He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and sits on the Board of Directors for the YPO Austin Chapter. He has been involved in Entrepreneur’s Organization, is a member of National Speakers Association and is on the University of Texas Libraries Board of Directors.  Clint is passionate about giving back to budding entrepreneurs; he mentors start-up companies through Branson Center for Entrepreneurship and SKU, is a top lender with KIVA, and has been a guest lecturer at institutions such as Acton, University of Texas, University School, Holy Cross, and Hiram College.

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