Daddy Daughter Take Two: The Abby Edition

After my successful daddy/daughter business trip wit Susie last year, my younger daughter, Abby, immediately began begging to go on her own trip with me. My wife and I both felt that Abby was a little young, but at the end of this summer the perfect opportunity cropped up. I was headed out to visit the manufacturer that makes the squeeze packs for my company, HomePlate Peanut Butter. The trip was going to be a quick one – just an overnight – which was perfect for Abby. The flight from Austin to Atlanta (the manufacturer is just outside the city) was direct and not too long – also preferable when traveling with small children. From my trip with Susie last year I learned that you have to have

Teaching Your Child the Difference Between Wants and Needs

At some point your child has probably observed you making a purchase (probably daily!). Maybe you’ve even practiced playing “shop” with them as a way to introduce them to how to use cash. Either way, now you need to introduce to them a big distinction in consumption: things you want versus things you need. We’ve all had a moment where our sweet toddler suddenly morphs into a tiny tyrant, demanding that we purchase the lollipop she’s holding—and that we do it right now. Saying no is hard, and so often we fall back on that old excuse: “We can’t afford that.” Saying “No” to Children’s Demands So what do you do when your child starts making material demands? Wealth in Families by Charles Collier

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