The Attributes of Child Entrepreneurs

What if your child wants to do something beyond babysitting for family friends or stocking the shelves at your family grocery store? Maybe your child is naturally a hustler, always coming up with plans to put more cash in their piggy banks. When I was young, my first business was leaf raking, followed by a paper route, lemonade stands, baseball card shows, candy sales, babysitting, and handyman work. I was barely out of college when I founded the publishing company I ran for seventeen years, but at that point I had more than a decade of experience! I was lucky that my parents, instead of laughing at my harebrained schemes, were always happy to provide financial advice. What can you do to nur

Involving Children with the Family Run Business

If you have a family business, get your child involved as early as possible. Appreciation of the family’s professional heritage and how that shapes his lifestyle is a tremendous gift. I don’t mean that your child should get involved as CEO. Maybe he’ll end up there, but their original position should be decidedly entry-level. If your business has an office, let your child refill printer paper or assist with filing. If your company’s line of work tends to be more labor-oriented, figure out a safe and age-appropriate way for him to help out. To avoid any confusion or legal trouble, The Houston Chronicle has a very informative article on current child labor laws. Remember that the biggest disse

Teaching Your Child about Loaning Money to Family and Friends

What happens when your child comes home from school and announce that she has given some of her allowance money to a friend to help him get his friendship-bracelet business off the ground? First, kudos to her friend for hustling for startup capital. Second, explain to your child the nuances of loaning money to family or friends. Loaning money to people you know and love is not always bad. Having money to support the endeavors of people close to you is a privilege. Also, they might genuinely have a good idea that you can economically benefit from. If you are looking for more information about safely lending money to friends or family, LearnVest and provide great outlines of the fir

Encouraging Children to be Charitable

Much of what I try to teach my children about managing their personal finances has to do with making and keeping money. The other important lesson I want to teach them is how to give that hard-earned money away. While this seems easy on the surface, it’s a complex and nuanced area of financial education. Entire books have been written about the “true value” of money. Money can provide stability; it can enable us to explore passions without needing for those passions to be financially rewarding. Having money allows us to enjoy experiences like wonderful family vacations or travels to exotic places. And, money can be shared to help further charitable causes. I believe that charity begins at ho

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