What Do You Know About Money? A Financial Assessment for the Everyday Parent

How much do you know about money? In order to teach your children about money, you yourself need to have a solid grasp of your finances – or at least financial topics. You can’t teach what you don’t know—and I suspect that each of us has holes in our financial knowledge, areas where we wish we were more proficient. The great thing is that the resources for filling those holes are endless. First, take a test to assess your level of financial literacy. Even if you think you know where the gaps in your knowledge are, taking just one financial assessment (of the many now available to you online) never hurts to form a better understanding of your current level of understanding. You can find easy

The Financial Roadmap, Teaching Youth Financial Literacy

My upcoming book, Beyond the Piggy Bank, is intended to help parents create a plan to teach their kids about money. I was inspired because I have three children of my own, and raising financially responsible adults in times of economic turmoil and credit-happy behavior was important to me. I thought finding a financial education program would be easy, a simple thirty-minute Internet search. This was not the case. After years of research, interviews, and consideration, I have finally developed a well thought out financial roadmap to teach my kids about money. (Download the Financial Roadmap for Kids) Granted, it will evolve, but the original plan is pretty solid. The point of this blog post

Establishing Financial Values for You and Your Family

In order for your financial education roadmap to be most effective, it must be designed around a set of consistent financial values. First, you need to figure out what those financial values are, then you need to make sure your spouse – or whoever else is going to influence your child’s financial education – are in agreement. Step 1: Identify Your Financial Values When it comes to money, what values guide you? Do you believe in saving your money for retirement or living in the moment and spending it now? Do you believe in debt-free living? Are you against the use of credit cards? How much money do you aim to save every year? What do you consider an acceptable use of excess money? There’s no

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