The Gift of Giving

If you're frustrated with kids caught up with gifts and toys this season, you might consider this project Kate and I do with our kids. We remind our kids that it's a season of giving, not just getting, and that there are millions of kids without toys. Then we walk around the playroom and pick out toys they don't play with anymore to give away to kids who would enjoy them. The first round of items the kids select are usually broken ones or parts of sets with pieces missing, but after some encouraging, they find toys they have outgrown or don't really enjoy. Donating their toys clears out space for new toys, and reminds them that they have an awesome life with gifts and loving families. We jus

The Financial 15, Money Management for College Students

When your child goes to college, it is a litmus test to see how well you’ve prepared them for Real Life (no pressure). For most kids, college is the first time they’re on their own, solely responsible for meeting the demands of their daily schedule. Will they be able to keep up with big requirements like classes or even small ones like laundry? And what about money? For the first time, you won’t have daily control over their spending and saving habits. Hopefully you’ve spent the previous eighteen years instilling good study habits in your child, teaching them to separate their darks from their whites - and preparing them for relative financial freedom. As with all financial behavior, your ch

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