Ten Tips to Better Your Professional and Personal Experience While Traveling With Children

In my previous post, I described an immersive version of “Take your Daughter to Work” where I took my 7-year-old daughter on a three-day business trip to Boston and New York. This Daddy Daughter Business Trip was a success. It gave me a chance to show her why I travel so much and to teach her a bit more about money and how it is connected with our lives. If you travel for work, I strongly recommend you consider taking your child with you on a trip. I think the right age is about 7, and I’d suggest starting with a 2-night trip first. Although my first trip was a Daddy/Daughter, any combination will enhance your experience of traveling with children. Some other key takeaways are: I emphati

Children in the Workplace - The Daddy Daughter Business Trip

Integrating your children in the workplace can be extremely difficult, although it continues to be a prevalent topic of conversation as many parents want their offspring to gain valuable experience that would otherwise be left in the dark. I travel a lot. So much so that I earned lifetime status for hotels and airlines in my 30s. This has had some really frustrating side effects like jet lag, missing out on kids’ events, and pushing extra parenting responsibility onto my wife. But there are upsides as well. I get upgraded often, we can take family trips on miles and points, and I haven’t purchased shampoo in 15 years. Even better, my travel schedule has given me a great opportunity to te

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